Roller Shutters offer an added element to the Security in your home and act as a deterrent. There are options to make the shutters more secure by using wider tracks and a bottom guide. So, this way the shutter curtain is fully guarded against intrusion.

An article published by Budget Direct insurance analyses the burglary statistics in Australia.

In a nutshell –An estimated 2.4% of households in Australia were broken into between 2018-2019 with 1.5% being in NSW. It takes 75% of thieves less than 5 minutes to enter a property.

Some inciteful information was shared by participants in a 2015 study conducted by police of detainees found guilty of breaking and entering.

The participants were asked the reasons for targeting a premise and a number of issues were identified.

  • Windows left open
  • Minimal security
  • Easy to enter backyards

When asked what their most common method of entry into a property was, some of the answers given were. Through an unlocked door or window or breaking a door or window.

From our point of view, the common theme in these answers seem to be opportunity and ease of access.

Aluminium window roller shutters are not the only thing that you can do to deter thieves 100%, however, it makes sense that a thief would probably pick the easiest homes to break into. It makes sense that any person looking for an opportunity to break and enter may think twice about the difficulty in gaining entry.

Aluminium Window Roller Shutters don’t only look great, the roller shutter is securely fixed into the window with tracks and screws which makes it hard to pull out from outside without making a lot of noise and attracting attention. Opportunistic thieves looking for an easy target are likely to keep looking.

A Master Remote makes it easy to lock all the roller shutter before you leave the house, giving you peace of mind that your home is secure.

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‘Home Burglary in Australia Statistics 2020’

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